Hayes & Y is a band dedicated to creating powerful and diverse indie rock records. The band was born in Sofia towards the end of 2012 when ex-schoolmates, who played together for 7 years, decided to focus on creating their own music.

Guitarist Rado, guitarist/vocalist Blago and bassist Ivo took on an adventure, which began at Radio?Active – an indie rock festival that took place in the beginning of 2013. The year was dedicated to playing at live shows, including an acoustic session for radio Z-Rock’s birthday and a show opening for Ostava in front of 1000 people at “Maimunarnika”.

In 2014 the band began working with guitarist Georgi Georgiev from one of the most beloved Bulgarian indie bands Ostava. He was impressed by Hayes & Y’s influential sound, clear musical direction, maturity and discipline.r debut EP in October.

In 2015 the band released their debut LP “The Only Thing Worse Than an Overpriced Bottle of Water”. After the launch, Hayes & Y started with a small promotional tour of the EP, which included several gigs in the UK.

Ivo, Rado and Blago then moved to London where they began early works on their EP “Sinclair”, releasing in January 2017. The EP was recorded and produced by the London-based label “The Animal Farm”. In the meantime, the band was joined by drummer Dennis Hallbäck and then relocated to Manchester ahead of the EP launch.

Evocative and playful lyrics, driving beats, pulsing bass, catchy and atmospheric guitar harmonies, and hyperactive performances is what you might expect from a Hayes & Y show.


“They just sound natural. Honest and straight-forward. They are meant to do music”

– Binar

“Instantaneously grabbing guitar sound”

– Webcafe

“Raising stars”

– Avtora.com

“They are a young but an accomplished band. They have the sibling-like synergy, emotion and vision needed”

– Georgi Georgiev (Ostava)

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